About Us

Our history in the security area

ARMYTEX INTERNATIONAL SECURITY SERVICES LTD (AISSL) is a Kenyan owned company, incorporated in the year 2012 as a limited liability company. Our company begun operating with a minimum of ten guards, and now well established with more than six hundred highly professionally trained guards.

Over these years of operation, ARMYTEX INTERNATIONAL SECURITY SERVICES LTD has recorded an impressive performance. We are duly registered with all the necessary government departments to provide various security services. The success is a history of patience, determination, vision and possession of the right business acumen, which the directorate and the company management have. With the secret behind being “Success is a function of productivity and integrity”.

To our Principals, we undertake to invoke all that are necessary fair, ethical and within the framework of applicable competition laws to pursue markets for their products and expertise, ensuring high degree of success within our sphere of operations.

To be a competitive value provider of security solutions to our esteemed clients. Becoming a cohesive, integrated and synergized global entity providing horizontal and vertical reach to all our partners worldwide by 2020.

Become a globally networked security solutions provider seizing opportunities worldwide by:- Achieving aggressive and profitable growth of our core businesses and initiating new businesses by the year 2020.

Why Choose Armytex Security?

We normally do customized site training to our team to effectively handle customer service and training that has been real problems for the security industry; our company has raised these to new heights, requiring extremely strict training requirements and providing excellent and fast customer service with no turnaround time. These two areas are sadly lacking, and may lead to security problems.

We understand that realistic pay rates, good training and excellent support of our staff on the ground

CCTV Surveillance

Assisting with detection, CCTV can also act as a deterrent i.e. building or an area with CCTV installed becomes a less attractive target

Access Control

An access control system allows or restricts access to a building, a room or another designated area.

Events Security & VIP Escort

Our experience across live events, weddings, social gatherings, promotions, music, sport, conferences and exhibitions is unmatched.

Security Dogs

There are many reasons to want a guard dog: for personal protection, protection of property, or simply to know when a visitor is at the door.

Alarm System

The automatic alarm system is triggered from a variety of sensors, such as magnetic door contacts, window vibration sensors and infrared motion sensors.

Our Team

Ms Elizabeth Mwakitele

Administration/Customer Service

Mr. Japhet Mugambi Gaichu

The General Manager

Mrs. Bael Chepkurui

Finance Manager